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Samir Shaikh

Chetan Lavekar

BSC graduate from Mumbai University. It all started with love for dogs and understanding their behavior. If I own a dog how will I train it. Initially I was helped by local trainer who came to train a boxer female in my building. I started learning with traditional old way and soon realized that old system is not good. Started searching for new way of training and met several people who helped me. Soon I understood that it is very important to understand the behavior of pet and change your training techniques accordingly. Attended training seminar of very good trainer from Delhi Ashok Kumar. Attended training seminar of Legendary trainer Bart Bellon from Belgium.

Our aim is to create a good canine citizen. We like to bridge the gap between pet owner and his pet. When training is positive and fun, both you and your pet can enjoy the process as well as the results. Training in positive and free environment.

am located in Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra. Next to Mumbai.