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Dr. Chetan Lavekar

Chetan Lavekar

Dr.Chetan Lavekar is a 1994 graduate of the Bombay Veterinary College.He has been concentrating on treatment of canines in Suburban Mumbai.During course of his practice he observed that many of the problems that dogs faced were due to improper and inadequate training.He focussed on educating his clients on proper training and socialization of their pets.Seeing a notable reduction in sickness in trained dogs he started learning dog training from various leading trainers.In conjunction with his busy practice he started training dogs.His work as honorary veterinarian to dog squads of govt and semi govt agencies gave him more insight into need for scientific and force free training methods which would appeal to pet owners.After years of learning latest methods from various masters he has now totally diversified into training puppies so they grow up into obedient and healthy pets.