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Obedience training provides your dog the necessary skills to be a good canine citizen.

You feel that your pet is your precious companion, an important member of your family - a friend, rather than a creature to dominate and control.

Obedience training is, important when it comes to development of a healthy human-dog relationship and creating a socially compatible pet. The basic obedience commands - sit, down, stay, come, and heel - help create a good canine citizen. In a practical sense, obedience-trained dogs have an easier lives, and are easier to live with, than their untrained siblings. If dogs obey by not jumping up on strangers, sit or lie quietly when asked, and walk politely on leash, are bound to spend more time with their owners going to public places, and will spend less time alone at home.

Dogs taught to lie down on the arrival of visitors - after barking a greeting or alarm - are more likely to be included in the dinner party and less likely to wind up isolated in the garage or basement. Obedience training is an education in good manners that, almost literally, opens many doors for otherwise confined dogs. Rather than thinking of obedience training as a series of pointless rituals, think of it as a tool to help dogs cope in the real world.

Training Can Be Positive and Fun

When training is positive and fun, both you and your dog can enjoy the process as well as the results. To teach your dog anything new, the task must hold some kind of reward when the task is completed successfully. It's unrealistic to imagine that your dog will perform a task simply because it wants to please you – though very few do seem particularly eager to please their owner. For less owner-oriented dogs, even petting may not be a potent enough reward, especially when the dog is excited and would rather cavort than be petted by you, his momentary obstacle.

In order to convince your dog that training exercises are fun, consider what he'll work hardest for. For most dogs, the most compelling reward is a small but delicious piece of food, such as breakfast cereal or freeze-dried liver.


SIT, DOWN, STAND, COME, STAY and heel (walk without pulling on leash.)

These are the most basic commands used in day to day life.